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BOOK-OF-THE-DAY: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

BOOK OF THE DAY: This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein Klein is clear: We are in for a shock. All of us. And this means a great opportunity to upgrade everything we do. Our current energy paradigms are running down the climate and destroying the fabric of the ecology that we depend on to stay alive, […]

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Mastery by Robert Greene – BOOK-OF-THE-DAY

BOOK OF THE DAY: Mastery by Robert Greene. The KEY is to read the books that prevent you from having to read other books. Every day I read at least one book. This is my book of the day, and I am devouring it. What Robert Greene has done is distill and highlight the main […]

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A Greater Vision: Juice Feasting vs. Juice Delivery Cleanses

About 6 years after developing the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, I began to see beautiful and enterprising souls from coast to coast in the U.S. upstarting businesses offering Juice Delivery Cleanses (what I call Juice Mule Service) to your door. You simply call the place in your major city offering a Cleanse by Juice Delivery, […]

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Why Vegetarians Didn’t Vote for George W. Bush (GWB)

In my recent post, “How Facebook (FB) is Altering Your Mind” we looked at how the social network is affecting mind and personal development. So if you liked that, get ready. What I am about to show you now is something you have probably never seen, yet what it reveals can be seen everywhere: newspaper […]

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How Facebook (FB) is Altering Your Mind

It’s been called FaceCrack. And if you have been getting a sinking feeling when you use Facebook that you did not have as a first-time or new user… if you have a hard time with people who use it or incessantly check it (such as those endlessly posting photos of their latest meal, cat experience, […]

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Support in Difficult Times: The Hero’s Journey and Juice Feasting

Well, there was no denying it. I woke up with a powerful and renewed sense of confident purpose this morning. Not that it hasn’t been there – it has just been eaten up trying to save my life’s work for the last month – work that many people are counting on. (I made 4 quarts […]

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[HyperLearning Lens] Steve Jobs: Developing Genius

APPLE FOUNDER STEVE JOBS IS A CASE STUDY IN GENIUS, and he is well worth looking at, because he wasn’t the smartest guy in the room – and most of us aren’t. But the qualities of genius he exemplified are things we can adapt in our own lives, and as we look at how to […]

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